Win up to $10,000 every hour with our SuperSeries gaming promotions.

Players are automatically assigned five random lucky numbers when joining the players club and can change their numbers subsequently as often as they wish, anytime before or after SuperSeries games.

When a game is randomly triggered, five randomly selected numbers are displayed on the True-Time Display or True-Time Window.

Match 1 number = No Prize
Match 2 numbers = $ 15.00 in free play
Match 3 numbers = $ 25.00 in free play
Match 4 numbers = $ 500.00 in free play
Match 5 numbers = $ 10,000 in Cash

Top award based on odds of 1:100,000.  Contest goes off randomly up to 16 times per day. Customer eligibility requires a carded open slot rating. More information available on customer display under SuperSeries help.

The SuperSeries promotion is an ongoing promotion.

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